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How long does the Duolingo English Test take?

According to the provided official exam guide, the Duolingo English Test (DET) consists of the following parts, which take approximately 1 hour to complete:

1. Introduction and Preparation (about 5 minutes): In this phase, test-takers need to ensure that the computer's camera, speakers, and microphone are functioning properly, and upload a government-issued photo ID. Additionally, test-takers should review the test rules and requirements.

2. Adaptive Test (about 45 minutes): This is the core part of the test, which measures the test-taker's English proficiency through a series of different question types. The questions are generated randomly, and the difficulty level changes based on the test-taker's performance.

3. Speaking Sample and Writing Sample (about 10 minutes): Test-takers are required to respond to a given prompt either orally or in writing. The speaking sample has a response time of 1-3 minutes, and the writing sample has a response time of 3-5 minutes.

Furthermore, the test guide also mentions the adaptive nature of the test, meaning that the order and difficulty of the questions vary according to each test-taker and test section. This adaptive testing may be different from other tests that the test-taker has previously taken because the questions are not grouped by type but appear randomly, making it impossible for the test-taker to predict the next question type.


In summary, completing the entire Duolingo English Test takes about 1 hour, which includes the test preparation phase, the adaptive test, and the recording of speaking and writing samples.

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