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Interactive Reading

The "Interactive Reading" section, as described in the official guide, is an adaptive testing component within the Duolingo English Test (DET) that involves the following:

1. Instructions: This part of the test requires candidates to engage with various reading tasks that are designed to assess their literacy skills, which include reading comprehension and the ability to analyze text.

2. Question Format: The tasks typically involve reading a passage of text and then answering questions based on that passage. The questions can require selecting the best answer from multiple-choice options or filling in the blanks with the appropriate words.

3. Skills Assessed: Interactive Reading evaluates a candidate's ability to understand and interpret written English, including their capacity to extract information, understand the main ideas, details, and the overall structure of the text.

4. Adaptive Nature: As with other parts of the DET, the Interactive Reading section is adaptive, meaning the difficulty of the questions will adjust based on the candidate's performance. This ensures that the test accurately reflects the candidate's proficiency level.

5. Duration: The time allocated for this section varies, as it is dependent on the number and complexity of the questions presented. However, each question will have a specific time limit within which the candidate must respond.

6. Strategies: Candidates are advised to read the passages carefully and thoroughly before attempting the questions. Understanding the context and identifying key information can help in selecting the correct answers.

7. Scoring: Responses in the Interactive Reading section contribute to the overall literacy score of the candidate. The scoring is based on the accuracy and comprehension demonstrated in the answers provided.


The "Interactive Reading" section is designed to be a comprehensive evaluation of a candidate's reading skills, offering a snapshot of their ability to engage with and understand English text across various difficulty levels.

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