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Read, Then Speak

According to the official exam guide, the "Read, Then Speak" section is an open-ended question type within the Duolingo English Test (DET) with the following instructions:

1. Instructions: This question type requires candidates to read a given text or question and then provide a spoken response. The task is designed to assess both reading and speaking skills.

2. Subscores: The skills assessed in this question type include Conversation and Production, as it involves understanding the written input and providing a spoken response.

3. Duration: The minimum duration for the oral response is typically around 30 seconds, with a maximum duration that allows for a comprehensive answer, usually not exceeding 2 minutes.

4. Interactive Operations:

   - Candidates are given a short time to read the text or question before they start recording their response.

   - The recording will begin after the reading time, and candidates can see the text or question throughout their response.

5. Answering the Question:

   - After reading the prompt, candidates should provide a spoken response that addresses the content or question posed in the text.

   - It is important to speak clearly, naturally, and to utilize a good range of vocabulary and sentence structures.

6. Suggestions:

   - Candidates should take the time during the reading phase to fully understand the prompt and plan their response.

   - Speaking confidently and coherently is important, even if the candidate is unsure of some vocabulary or grammar.

7. Scoring: The response to this question type is evaluated based on the clarity, detail, and relevance of the spoken response, as well as the candidate's use of English grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.


The "Read, Then Speak" question type is designed to assess a candidate's ability to comprehend written English and respond appropriately, reflecting their reading and speaking proficiency in an academic or professional context.


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