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Write About the Photo

According to the official exam guide, the "Write About the Photo" section is an open-ended question type within the Duolingo English Test (DET) with the following instructions:

1. Instructions: This question type asks candidates to "write one or more sentences that describe the image." Candidates are presented with a photograph and must compose a written description based on what they see.

2. Subscores: While the guide does not specify particular subscores associated with this question type, it is likely to assess Production, as it involves writing skills.

3. Duration: The time limit for this task is typically 1 minute.

4. Interactive Operations:

   - Candidates should use the provided text box to write their description of the photo.

. Answering the Question:

   - There is no "correct" answer for this open-ended question; the evaluation is based on the candidate's ability to describe the photo accurately and coherently.

6. Suggestions:

   - Candidates are encouraged to use their imagination and try to narrate what might be happening in the photo.

   - The instruction requires at least one complete sentence, but candidates are advised to write more to fully demonstrate their language skills.

7. Scoring: The response to this question is evaluated based on the clarity, detail, and accuracy of the description, as well as the candidate's use of English grammar and vocabulary.

The "Write About the Photo" question type is designed to assess a candidate's ability to comprehend and respond to visual stimuli through written expression. It tests the candidate's descriptive writing skills and their capacity to convey information and ideas in English.

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