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How to improve the writing score in the DET?

To improve your writing score in the Duolingo English Test, you can follow these strategies:

1. Practice Regularly: Write daily in English to improve your fluency and coherence. Keep a journal or blog to practice expressing your thoughts.

2. Expand Your Vocabulary: Learn new words and phrases that can be used in various contexts. A wider vocabulary allows for more precise and varied expression.

3. Understand Grammar: Ensure you have a strong grasp of English grammar. Incorrect grammar can lower your score, so study and practice grammar rules.

4. Read and Analyze: Read high-quality English texts such as books, articles, and essays. Pay attention to how sentences are structured and how ideas are presented.

5. Review Sample Responses: Look at sample responses from the Duolingo English Test and analyze what makes them effective.

6. Write and Revise: Write essays or responses to prompts and then revise them. Focus on improving clarity, coherence, and reducing errors.

7. Use the Official Guide: The official Duolingo English Test guide provides strategies and practice questions that can help you understand what is expected in the test.

8. Get Feedback: Have a teacher, native speaker, or a language exchange partner review your writing and provide feedback.

9. Timed Practice: Since the test is timed, practice writing under similar conditions to get used to the time constraints.

10. Learn from Mistakes: Identify common mistakes in your writing and work on correcting them.

11. Use Technology: Tools like grammar checkers can help you spot and learn from errors.

12. Structure Your Writing: Organize your writing with clear introductions, bodies, and conclusions. This structure can help improve readability and coherence.


Remember, consistent practice and learning from feedback are key to improving your writing skills. Good luck!

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