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2024 DET Update: New Fill in the Blanks question

Beginning April 2, 2024, the Duolingo English Test is adding a new Fill in the Blanks question. This question assesses the depth and breadth of your vocabulary. It doesn't just assess that you know a word, but that you know how to use the word in context.

For Fill in the Blanks, you will see a sentence with one unfinished word. You will have 20 seconds to correctly complete the word. There will be 6-9 sentences in this section.



Fill in the Blanks will contribute to the overall Duolingo English Test score. More specifically, it will contribute to the Literacy and Comprehension subscores.


20 seconds


Literacy, Comprehension


Read the whole sentence before focusing on the unfinished word.

Use context clues to help you complete the word.


Use the backspace or delete button to go back one space and delete a letter.

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