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2024 DET Update: Read and select changed

Beginning April 2, 2024, the Duolingo English Test is changing the Read and select question. The Read and Select question was changed from a single screen containing multiple words to multiple screens containing one word each. This increases the efficiency of the test and more accurately assesses the size of your vocabulary. There will be 15-18 words in this section.






Read and Select still requires you to read a word and decide if it is an actual word in English. It also still contributes to the Literacy and Comprehension subscores.


5 seconds


Literacy, Comprehension


Make sure to select either YES or NO. Missing responses will be marked incorrect.

There could be any number of real words in this section, so don’t worry if there are more or fewer real words.

Read carefully. Some words may look real, but have small differences from real English words.

Click YES or NO to select if it is a real English word.


After you click YES or NO, the next question will appear.

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