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The Literacy component of the Duolingo English Test (DET) evaluates a candidate's proficiency in reading and writing in English. It is assessed through a variety of question types that require different levels of engagement with the English language. Here's a summary of how Literacy is tested, as outlined in the official guide:

1. Reading Comprehension: This is tested through questions that require the test-taker to understand and analyze written text. Examples include:

   - Read and Select: Identifying real English words from a list of options.

   - Fill in the Blank: Selecting the appropriate word to complete a sentence.

   - Read and Complete: Filling in missing letters to complete words in a passage.

   - Highlight the Answer: Highlighting the part of the text that answers a given question.

   - Identify the Idea: Choosing the statement that best captures the main idea of a passage.

   - Title the Passage: Selecting the most suitable title for a passage.

2. Writing Skills: Writing ability is assessed through tasks that require the test-taker to construct responses in writing:

   - Read Aloud: While not a writing task per se, it does require the test-taker to write down what they hear, which indirectly tests writing skills.

   - Interactive Writing: Writing a response to a prompt and then a follow-up response based on the initial submission.

   - Writing Sample: Describing a given topic in writing for a set duration, which typically requires a longer, more detailed written response.


The Literacy score is influenced by the test-taker's ability to comprehend written English and their capacity to express themselves clearly and accurately in writing. It is an integral part of the overall DET score, reflecting the test-taker's literacy skills in the English language.

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