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The Production component of the Duolingo English Test (DET) assesses a candidate's ability to produce language, which includes both speaking and writing skills. It is a measure of how well individuals can express their thoughts and ideas in English through various communicative tasks. Here's a summary of how the Production score is evaluated, as detailed in the official guide:

1. Speaking Proficiency: This is evaluated through tasks that require the test-taker to speak in English.

   - Speak About the Photo: Test-takers describe an image and discuss related topics, demonstrating their ability to generate spontaneous speech.

   - Read, Then Speak: After reading a prompt, test-takers are asked to discuss a topic, which tests their ability to comprehend written information and convey related thoughts verbally.

   - Listen, Then Speak: Test-takers listen to a statement or question and then provide a spoken response, combining listening and speaking skills.

2. Writing Proficiency: Writing ability is assessed through tasks that require the test-taker to produce written responses.

   - Interactive Writing: Test-takers write a response to a prompt and then a follow-up response based on the initial submission, which assesses their writing skills and the ability to build upon a given context.

   - Writing Sample: Test-takers describe a given topic in writing for a set duration, which typically requires a longer, more detailed written response, reflecting their ability to produce coherent and well-structured text.

3. Fluency and Clarity: The Production score also considers the fluency and clarity of the responses. This includes the natural flow of speech or writing, the ability to maintain a coherent narrative or argument, and the appropriate use of language in communication.

4. Grammar and Vocabulary Usage: The correct use of grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary is assessed, as well as the ability to use a range of structures and lexical items appropriately.

5. Pronunciation: In speaking tasks, the clarity of pronunciation and the correct production of sounds are also evaluated.


The Production score reflects a test-taker's overall ability to communicate effectively in English through speaking and writing. It is an integral part of the DET score, representing the practical application of language skills in real-world scenarios.

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