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Duolingo English Test Rules

If you break any of the rules of the Duolingo English Test, Duolingo reserves the right to not certify your test results, or to invalidate any previously certified results, without providing a refund. Depending on the extent of the violation, you may also be permanently banned from taking the Duolingo English Test again.

Rules for test questions

  1. Keep your eyes on the screen. You may look down at your keyboard to type answers during writing questions.
  2. Do not copy or memorize answers from other sources. Your answer should relate to the question and be in your own words.
  3. Do not take notes.
  4. Do not allow anyone to assist you on the test.
  5. Do not speak until instructed to speak.
  6. Do not save or record test questions.

Rules for your camera


  1. Make sure your face is well lit.
  2. Stay within the camera frame.
  3. Do not wear headphones or earbuds.
  4. Keep your ears, eyes, and mouth visible and uncovered.

Rules for your computer


  1. Quit all external programs. Check your Windows Task Manager or Mac Activity Monitor to ensure no programs are running in the background. Consider temporarily uninstalling programs that may interrupt your test. This includes:
    • Communication software (examples: WhatsApp, WeChat, Zoom, Skype)
    • Programs that enable remote access or screen sharing (examples: TeamViewer, AnyDesk)
    • Spelling/grammar checkers (examples: Grammarly, built-in system spell checkers)
    • Input methods with word-association (examples: Sougou, Youdao).
  2. Do not use a virtual machine.
  3. Use only one keyboard and one mouse. You may use an external keyboard and/or mouse, but you may not switch between multiple keyboards and/or mice.
  4. Disconnect secondary monitors.
  5. Do not move your mouse cursor out of the test window.
  6. Do not exit full-screen mode.

Rules for your test environment


  1. Remove all writing materials, paper, and books from your test area.
  2. Place electronic devices such as phones, tablets, and smart watches in another room. Consider setting them to airplane mode so they do not connect to your computer.
  3. Do not interact with anyone.
  4. Do not let other people in the room with you.

Test requirements

You must have:


  1. Your valid passport, driver’s license, or government-issued ID. Visit the Duolingo Enlish Test website to see which form(s) of ID can be used in your country or region. You must present your physical ID. Photocopies and digital images are not accepted.
  2. A computer with a front-facing camera, a microphone, and speakers
  3. A reliable internet connection. We recommend using a wired internet connection instead of Wi-Fi. We do not recommend using a mobile hotspot.
  4. A quiet, private, and well-lit room.
  5. 60 minutes of uninterrupted free time.

Test policies


  1. Do not sign up for multiple accounts to take the test. Results from secondary accounts will not be certified.
  2. You have 21 days to take the test after purchasing. If you purchase a 2-test bundle, you have an additional 21 days after you receive a result for the first test to take the second test.
  3. You may purchase up to 3 tests in any 30 day period.
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